Our Purpose

The purpose of Bridging the Gap Urban Ministries is to grow men and women in the image and likeness of Christ, for the sole reason of producing healthy believers that know their purpose, set a standard and invoke change in a post-churched nation.

Our Mission

The mission of BTGUM is to engage the culture in such a way, that anyone who comes in contact with it or its members will be loved, served, and saved. This will be accomplished by:

  1. Teaching and applying practical Biblical training and discipleship to its members.
  2. Being intentional about serving the world around us through community projects, events, and performances.
  3. Making the wonder and saving grace of the Gospel plain to those we come in contact with when given the opportunity.

How We're Set Up

We currently do the majority of our operations in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University. It is there that we hold our team meetings and practices, trainings sessions, bible studies, plan service projects, etc. We serve the campus as a means to bring additional cultural events and perspective to the campus. We have a plethora of aspects to the ministry that you can get involved with, including, but not limited to:

• Bible Studies
• Outreach
• Service Projects
• Fellowship
• Discipleship
• Artist Development
• Drama
• Hip-hop Dance
• Mime
• Multimedia Design
• Music
• Step
• Spoken Word

We aim to help people find a place where they can feel welcome, grow, and be safe. We want to work with you, and work for you!