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Are You Really Unashamed

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”
Romans 1:16

This verse has almost become a “go-to” verse in the last decade. Many Christians will put this on their social media, tatoo it to their body, or even have it written on their wall. The thing is, are you really unashamed of the Gospel or are you just unashamed to say you believe?

Let’s break this down a little more. Many are quick to say they know who God is, which is great. They acknowledge His presence. They pray when things get hard and will let people know that they are praying during tough times or disasters. They go to church during the big holidays of Christmas and Easter. They will take a picture to let you know that they went to church on Christmas and/or Easter. They will post bible verses to their wall. They will do everything they possibly can to “show” that they are a Christian who is unashamed.

While this is great and definitely can be used by God, what about how we live our lives day to day. You say you are unashamed, but is that true or are you just unashamed when it is convenient?

These are the hard questions that each Christian must ask themselves on the daily. When someone was going through a hard time, why didn’t you let them know about your faith? If someone was searching for answers in all of the wrong places, why didn’t you set them straight and let them know about the God who saved you? You see, many Christians like the simple life of just wearing the badge, but hate doing the work that goes along with the title.

Here’s the thing, our biggest gift is that of everlasting life with the Father (Romans 6:23). If that is the case, then shouldn’t we share that gift with those that don’t know. We miss opportunities every day to present the Gospel to someone. We miss opportunities every day to let people about the love of Christ. We also miss opportunities to truly live for and uplift the Kingdom of Heaven.

Take a second and think back to yesterday. How many different opportunities did you have to share the Gospel with someone? How many times could you have truly lived unashamed and let people know the truth not only about their life but about how God can turn it around? These are the things that we take for granted. These opportunities are the things that many of us miss or overlook because inside we are a little worried. We may be afraid of what others may think. We may be afraid of rejection or offending someone.

We don’t know why you missed your opportunity, but we are asking you to take it back. Find someone who doesn’t know about the Gospel and share it with them this week. Find someone who is searching for love in all of the wrong places and let them know of the One who loved them first. Honestly, one of the biggest things we learned is that you don’t really have to look too far. Sometimes the one we need to speak to is someone we interact with on a daily basis. Can you think of someone?

The key to sharing the Gospel is remembering to let the Lord speak through you and not trying to “save” the person. We are not called to do the saving, but instead to do the planting or the watering (1 Corinthians 3:6-8). If you remember that one fact, then sharing the Gospel gets much easier. Just be a willing vessel and let the Lord use you for His glory. Don’t let another missed opportunity go by, it’s time to truly be unashamed of the Gospel.

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